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Fresh Flower Policy

Once I have received a deposit from you, this confirms that you have read and agree to the following policy regarding fresh flowers on my cakes.
Unfortunately, Whisk Cakes does not use or work with fresh flowers on any cakes for many reasons. A lot of the most popular wedding flowers are toxic and contain poisons that can seep from the flowers and into the cake and can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms such as pain in the mouth, upset stomach, diarrhoea, vomiting, and in extreme cases can be fatal. Cake decorator’s insurance does not cover the use of fresh flowers and berries for these reasons.
As I am a trained florist and have experience working in the industry, I know that flowers sold at a florist are not grown with the intent of being edible or placed on cakes. Due to this, growers are allowed to use very strong pesticides when growing their flowers. So even if a specific flower is not toxic, it still runs the risk of making people sick due to pesticides.
The exception could be organically grown, food safe flowers which are extremely hard to find, very expensive and will be limited to non-toxic flowers. Because Whisk Cakes is unable to ascertain that flowers provided are genuinely organic, I also am unable to work with these products.  
As a food based business, I work hard to keep a clean work environment to make my cakes. I am required to have a registered food safe kitchen and practice safe food handling when creating my products.
Environments in which flowers are grown and arranged, such as florists, are not required to wash every flower or ensure that they are dirt free or even bug free as they don’t handle food in this environment. This is no reflection on the incredibly talented work that florists are known for it is just that floristry and food do not go hand-in-hand.
Whisk Cakes do not arrange any type of fresh flowers or fresh floral arrangements due to the reasons stated above. Whisk Cakes takes no responsibility for illness or other implications that occur due to fresh flowers being placed on a cake once it has been supplied to a client or venue. This includes floral arrangements in Oasis floral foam, wired arrangements and individual flowers.  Floral tape is not food safe and is therefore unsuitable to be inserted into a cake.

Thank you for your understanding.

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