Frequently Asked Questions.


If you have a question about our ordering process, designing a customised cake, delivery or payment, please view our frequently asked questions and answers below.
If your question has not been answered, please contact us on or via our contact page.  
What is the process for ordering a cake from Whisk Cakes


- Firstly, contact us either by email, telephone or our Contact Us page to tell us exactly what you desire for your event and to ensure that we are available for the date of your event.

- We will then converse about flavour and design to come up with a unique cake that is exactly what you have in mind. Photographs or sketches or ideas that you have are a huge help at this stage. 

- Next, a quote will be sent to you (usually by email) to make sure that we have got all of the details correct. We require that you contact us and agree to the quote within 7 days to provisionally hold the date. 

- We will then send you an invoice with the confirmed details and and pricing. We then require a 50% deposit within 7 days to guarentee the date for your cake and book everything in.


- Unfortunately, if we do not hear from you within 7 business days after receiving the quote, or the deposit amount is not paid within 7 days after the invoice sent, we cannot guarantee that your desired date will still be available. 


- Please note that only two cakes are booked for one day so that we can give the time and attention that each individual client and cake deserves. Due to this reason, we get booked up quickly so please book with as much notice as possible to save your date.



How do I get a quote for a cake I want?


Either go to our Contact Us page and fill out a form, give us a call on 0407 796 960 or email us on


Please provide as much detail as possible including event date and location, how many the cake needs to serve and, if possible, examples or ideas of designs that you like. Quotes are valid for 7 business days after the quote date as they are date specific and cannot hold any particular date until the deposit has been paid. 


How much notice do you need for a cake?


We recommend that you order your cake with as much notice as possible, both for your convenience, to avoid disappointment and that we can discuss your needs in full so that you get exactly what you want. 

For wedding cakes, we appreciate confirmation of your booking three or more months before your event. 


However, we do get booked up far in advance. Please contact us as soon as know your event date to ensure that we can make your cake. 


Do you need a deposit to confirm my order?


A deposit of 50% of the order total is required within 7 business days from the quote date. Your order is not confirmed until this deposit has been received by us. This is required due to buying the fresh ingredients needed to make your cake as well as intricate work that may need to be planned for in advance. We accept cash, bank transfers and Paypal. 




I have seen a cake design that I like, can you make one like it for me?


If you have seen a cake or come up with a design of a cake that you would like, we can work together to design something that is totally individual to you. If you can provide a basic sketch or photograph inspiration of what you are after, we can discuss all of the elements to create a beautiful and unique cake that has been designed by you. 

I'd like to discuss my cake with you in person, is this possible?


Of course. Please call us or visit our contact us page to arrange an appointment. 




What flavour cakes do you make?


Please refer to our flavours page. 



What size are your servings of cake?

We have two serving sizes to choose from, either a dessert portion which is 2"x 1"x 4" tall (5cm x 2.5cm x 10cm tall) or a coffee/finger portion which is 1"x 1"x 4" tall (2.5cm x 2.5cm x 10cm tall).


If you are serving other desserts at your reception or party, we reccomend that you choose a coffee/finger size portion. 


We are currently working on providing a diagram for this question to demonstrate our serving sizes. 




Can you cater for allergies and dietary needs?


Yes we can! We can use recipes that cater for vegan, vegetarian, dairy free or gluten free diets. We can also source ingredients that are nut and wheat safe. Although we take the upmost care when creating cakes for specialist diets, our kitchen uses ingredients that are NOT vegan, nut or gluten free so we cannot guarantee that our products are totally allergen free. 



Can you deliver my cake to the venue & set it up before the event?


Yes we can, we offer free delivery within 10km of central Leopold. Beyond that delivery is .85 cents

per km round trip. 


For delivery to venues, a contact at the venue including a name and contact number is required as well as an arranged delivery time with the venue. 


On some occasions, a cool room or fridge is required at the venue to preserve ganached or buttercreamed cakes.

Can I pick up my cake from you on the day?


Of course. I would be happy to arrange this with you and discuss the best way to transport it.

Please note that once you take possession of the cake it is now your responsibility and refunds will not be made if it becomes damaged.
However, here are some tips to ensure your cake remains as lovely as when you collected it.

Always hold the cake box from the bottom only

I don't recommend that you carry the cake on a passenger's lap.  It is best on the floor of the car or in the boot on a flat surface

Not recommended to put it on the car seat as seats are generally sloping.

Please drive carefully. Bumps and sharp corners may cause your cake or decorations to shift.

In warmer months your vehicle should be fully cooled with air con on high. In cooler months do not use the heater while transporting. Heat and warm weather and cakes do not mix well.

Cakes should be stored in a cool place preferably a cool room and brought to room temperature before serving.

On a day where the temperature is above 20 degrees centigrade the cake should not be displayed outdoors.





How much do your cakes start from?


At Whisk Cakes, every cake is handmade to order so that we can provide our clients with exactly what they want for their event. Cakes are priced according to design; therefore a simple cake is less expensive than a more detailed cake. Please contact us to get a quote for your desired design. Our wedding cakes start from $300. 


How can I pay for my order?


We can accept payment by cash, bank transfer or Paypal. 



How much time do I have to pay the full balance of my order?


The full balance must be paid 14 days before the event. In the case of the balance not being settled, all monies already paid will be forfeitied and the date may be open for other clients' orders.


Any order placed within 10 days of the event date are required to pay the full amount when ordering. 


Why are custom cakes more expensive than shop-bought or supermarket cakes?


Shops and supermarkets are able to purchase ingredients and ready-made cakes at an extremely low price due to the bulk quantities they can order. Cakes purchased this way are usually 'off the shelf' and the decoration and flavour cannot be changed to suit the customer. These cakes are made in a factory by the thousands and often by big corporations. Often the ingredients list on these products is long and preservatives and 'E' numbers are added to ensure contunuity in the mass amount of products they make. 


When you order a cake from a small business such as Whisk Cakes, the ingredients we use are fresh, they can be sourced and are of a high quality. We use no preservatives in our products. The decoration, flavour and design of the cake created to your specific requirements and the cakes are handmade by us in our kitchen. 



What happens if I need to cancel my cake?


If for any reason you wish to cancel your order with Whisk Cakes, you will receive a refund of the entire cake price less the deposit. If you have only paid the 50% desposit you will forfeit this amount. If you cancel a cake 14 or less days before the event date, you will forfeit all monies paid. 


What happens if I'm not satisfied with my cake?


Your satisfaction is of the highest importance to us at Whisk Cakes. If for any reason the cake you purchased does not meet your expectations, we would like to know about it. Please freeze the cake so that we can collect it and contact us so that we can discuss your concerns and look at ways that we can rectify the situation.


What happens if I need to contact someone from Whisk Cakes after hours?


If you have an after hours cake emergency (hopefully you do not) please call 0407 796 960. Please leave a clear and concise message and Marion will endeavour to return your call as soon as possible.