• Vanilla bean madeira sponge layered with vanilla bean buttercream

  • Almond & amaretto cake layered with amaretto buttercream

  • Apple & cinnamon cake layered with cinnamon buttercream *

  • Banoffee cake layered with caramel & chocolate ganache *

  • Black forest cake, drizzled with cherry syrup, layered with sweet cherry buttercream *

  • Blueberry sponge layered with blueberry & lemon curd buttercream *

  • Carrot & walnut cake layered with white chocolate and lemon buttercream 

  • Hummingbird Cake layered with white chocolate and lemon buttercream.

  • Lemon madeira sponge layered with lemon curd & lemon buttercream

  • Marble cake - chocolate & vanilla bean sponge layered with marble buttercream

  • Orange poppyseed cake layered with citrus white chocolate buttercream

  • Red velvet cake layered with zesty white chocolate buttercream


  • Rich chocolate mudcakes

    • Traditional rich chocolate mudcake layered with chocolate truffle frosting

    • Baileys mudcake layered with irish cream liqueur & chocolate truffle frosting

    • Caramel butterscotch rich dark chocolate mudcake layered with salted caramel and chocolate truffle frosting

    • Cherry mudcake layered with sweet cherry & chocolate truffle frosting *

    • Cherry ripe mudcake layered with cherry ripe truffle frosting

    • Espresso mudcake layered with fresh espresso truffle frosting

    • Hazelnut mudcake with chopped hazelnuts layered with nutella truffle frosting *

    • Marble mudcake - rich chocolate & white chocolate mudcake layered with marble truffle frosting

    • Mint mudcake layered with mint chocolate truffle filling

    • Tia Maria mudcake layered with salted caramel and chocolate truffle frosting

    • Jaffa mudcake layered with chocolate orange truffle frosting

    • Peanut butter mudcake layered with peanut butter truffle frosting *

    • Raspberry mudcake with fresh raspberries layered with raspberry preserve and chocolate truffle frosting *

    • Rum & raisin mudcake layered with rum & raisin truffle frosting *

    • Toblerone mudcake layered with chopped toblerone truffle frosting *

    • Turkish delight mudcake layered with turkish delight laced truffle frosting*

  • White chocolate mudcakes
    • Traditional white chocolate mudcake layered with white chocolate truffle frosting

    • Cookies & cream mudcake with layered with cookies & cream truffle frosting

    • Coconut mudcake layered with shredded coconut and coconut ganache truffle frosting.

    • Caramel white chocolate mudcake layered with caramel truffle frosting

    • Lime & coconut mudcake layered with lime & coconut ganache 

    • Strawberry mudcake layered with strawberry & white chocolate truffle frosting *

    • Raspberry mudcake layered with raspberry & white chocolate truffle frosting *


Vegan & Gluten Free Flavours

Most of the above flavours can be made as vegan or gluten-free.

Please contact me for more information. 

* not available for carved cakes